What our customers say

A healing experience

I had a successful VBAC with Marcia and it was a healing experience from a previously traumatic c-section. Even in the hospital setting I felt like I was at home. She was so encouraging and knowledgeable. She worked with my partner and doula to keep me comfortable and never doubted my ability to birth my 9 lb baby. If you want a VBAC, natural beginnings is THE place to go.

- Kelly M

Wonderful experience

Makes me want to have another baby just to deliver here!!

- Lindsay R

Thank you so much!

This birth was cathartic for me and healing form my first one, which I never knew had given me such regret until now. I love you all!

- Sarah G

The entire experience was great!

Cannot thank you all enough! Looking forward to having another baby here!!

- Jamie D

I loved my waterbirth

Everything was calm. I was not rushed and my body got to do what was normal and natural.

- Ashley R

It was perfect

May favorite part was having my family there. It was so awesome being able to introduce my children to their new sibling right away! Not to mention the incredible care from my midwives. I am so grateful for them!

- Rachel O.

I had a great experience

The kindness and patience of the midwives and nurse was extremely calming and encouraging.

- Scarlette H

Nothing could have been better, everything was perfect!

From how patient and kind they were with my 2 year old at every visit to how competent, knowledgeable, safe, and comfortable they were!

- Samantha H

Thank you for another amazing birth experience!!

Marcia and the staff really made me feel comfortable. I was able to labor in my own way and they were a wonderful support team.

- Molly B

I had a great experience

The whole staff was wonderful and I had a great experience. All the midwives were very caring and supportive.

- Deborah H