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Nutritional Guidelines for Women With Gestational Diabetes

Eat 3 meals and 3 snacks daily (Space snacks so that there is no more than 3 hours without eating.)

Omit foods high in sugar and concentrated sweets. Avoid adding sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, or honey) to foods. Avoid sodas, lemonade, and sweeten yogurt.

Omit juices, but instead use whole pieces of fruit ( apples instead of applesauce)

Spread carbohydrates out throughout the day. If after-breakfast blood glucose levels are outside the target range, you may be asked to shift some carbohydrates (starch and fruit) to other snacks or meals.

Choose foods high in fiber: whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, oats.

Choose foods low in fat and avoid adding extra fat, such as oil, margarine, or butter. Choose low-fat meat selections, such as lean cuts of beef, pork, and lamb. Emphasize more fish and poultry (without the skin). Choose:

  • baked, broiled, or roosted instead of fried chicken of fish.
  • low-fat yogurt instead of butter and sorcery on a potato.
  • herbs to season vegetables instead of cream of butter sauces
  • low-calorie salad dressing¬†instead of mayonnaise or salad dressing on tossed salads.
  • pretzels, unbuttered popcorn, or bread sticks instead of foods fried in oils, such as doughnuts, chips, and french fries.

Limit foods from fast-food restaurants. Ask for nutritional information on a menu selections, and choose foods that are low in fat. For many women, a burger and fries or more than 2 pieces of pizza will cause high blood glucose levels.

Be careful to gain at least 1/2lb per week. Cutting back too much on calories and weight gain can increase your risk of a low-birth-weight infant.


Nicole is an outstanding midwife. She is knowledgeable, kind-hearted, understanding and easy to talk to. With her help and encouragement I was able to give birth naturally. My "birth" day was better than I imagined and I am grateful for such an awesome midwife. I will come back to Nicole EVERY time!

- Bobbie Garland, RN