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Feeding Cues for Baby

  • A baby starts with subtle nursing cues – eyes moving beneath eyelids, eyelids fluttering before they even open, hands coming toward face and mouth movements.
  • Then she adds more obvious ones – rooting toward your chest, whimpering or squeaking.
  • If you offer to nurse now, she’ll probably take your breast gently and easily. As her hunger starts to build, her body and mouth tense. She breathes fast or starts to cry
  • Once she’s crying, she’ll have a harder time latching. Crying is a late sign of hunger. Calm her down before trying to feed her.
  • Breastfeeding is easier if you answer her requests instead of waiting for her demands.
  • Don’t wait for your breasts to feel full. A full breast has already started to slow down production.
  • Offer even if she’s not asking, anytime you like.


Nicole is an outstanding midwife. She is knowledgeable, kind-hearted, understanding and easy to talk to. With her help and encouragement I was able to give birth naturally. My "birth" day was better than I imagined and I am grateful for such an awesome midwife. I will come back to Nicole EVERY time!

- Bobbie Garland, RN