Patient Rights

Birth Center Patient Rights and Responsibilities

We here at Natural Beginnings feel that our patients should deb treated with a certain level of rights. Below is a comprehensive list of those rights:

As a NB patient I have the right to be…

  • Treated with respect, dignity and consideration
  • Assured of confidentiality
  • Informed of the benefits, risks and eligibility requirements of an out- of-hospital labor and birth
  • Informed of those services provided by the center and services provided by contract, consultation and referral
  • Informed of the identity and qualifications of care providers, consultants and related services and institutions
  • Informed of all diagnostic procedures and reports, all recommendations and treatments participate in decisions relating to the plan for management of her care and all changes in that plan once established including referral or transfer to other practitioners or other levels of care.
  • Provided with a written statement of fees for services and responsibilities for payment
  • Informed of the center’s plan for provision of emergency and non- emergency care in the event of complications to mother and newborn
  • Informed of the client’s rights with regards to participation in research or student education programs
  • Be informed of the center’s plan for hearing grievance
  • Be informed of the liability insurance status of practitioners on request.
Nicole is an outstanding midwife. She is knowledgeable, kind-hearted, understanding and easy to talk to. With her help and encouragement I was able to give birth naturally. My "birth" day was better than I imagined and I am grateful for such an awesome midwife. I will come back to Nicole EVERY time!

- Bobbie Garland, RN