Our mission is to empower women to be in control of their health and healthcare experiences, to encourage women that they are worthy to love themselves as well if not better than they love those that surround them, and to do this through encouragement and not through fear.

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  • You can't beat the post labor care-very personal, caring, and informative.

    - Stacey MH

  • Originally when I found out I was pregnant I started going to a traditional medical doctor who honestly just treated me like another customer and wasn't personal at all. After meeting with a resource worker, I was referred to Natural Beginnings as she knew their philosophy of birth aligned more with what I wanted. Once I went for a tour with my husband we knew immediately that this was the place for us despite the fact that we would have to travel from Charlotte to Statesville to receive the care we wanted. That was the best decision we made and with every visit they validated we had made the right choice. At every visit they are so supportive and gave us tons of information about pregnancy, diet, breastfeeding, and delivery amongst other random topics that pertains to this complex experience. My husband and I had planned to do a water birth but due to some unforeseen reasons I had to be induced at the hospital. Even though I was admitted to the hospital, the Natural Beginnings staff still kept a close eye on me and ensured me that everything would be okay throughout my stay. Nicole delivered my baby girl and honored my wish of doing delayed cord clamping which was huge for me. Even after delivery, someone from Natural Beginnings staff checked on me daily including Susie, who helped me breastfeed and she ensured that my daughter was latching properly before I went home. Although my birth didn't go as planned I am absolutely satisfied with the support Natural Beginnings staff gave me and for my future babies, I will without a doubt be using their services. I am so glad I followed my instincts and came to this facility as they are so accommodating and supportive of their patients needs for a natural birthing experience.

    - Kayla

  • The compassion the midwives and nurses show is like nothing I've experienced elsewhere. So happy we were recommended this place!

    - Laura S.

  • The best part was my labor. How the midwives trusted me and my body, so no interventions were needed.

    - Jenna C

  • My husband and I have two children and we've had the awesome opportunity to have had all three of the midwives at one or the other of our births. The level of care we received prenatally is unparalleled, and the birth experience was phenomenal! Marcia, Nicole, an Tracie were all so attentive to our specific needs and offered gentle guidance during the labor process as well as emotional encouragement. Birth with Natural Beginnings felt like having our dear friends in the room with me and I cannot say enough positive things about the center, its staff, or the midwives!!

    - Heather H

  • The calm environment, birth pool, amazing supportive staff/midwife.

    - Jessica H

  • The whole staff was wonderful and I had a great experience. All the midwives were very caring and supportive.

    - Deborah H

  • Labor and delivery with my first son was not a good experience. I found Natural Beginnings through an internet search and I am so thankful to have found them. This time, my labor and delivery was intense and very fast, but it was very special. Everything was natural and calm. Marcia was wonderful. She was professional but compassionate and reassuring and knew how to react in case of emergency. I was able to hold my little boy for an hour or more after birth with no interruption. I am a Christian and during the delivery, I felt the presence of the Lord there. It was a beautiful experience.

    - Molly H

  • Marcia and the staff really made me feel comfortable. I was able to labor in my own way and they were a wonderful support team.

    - Molly B

  • Makes me want to have another baby just to deliver here!!

    - Lindsay R

Our Philosophy

Medical Model of Care

We believe every person has a right to:

  • Equitable, ethical, accessible, quality health care that promotes healing and health
  • Health care that respects human dignity, individuality and diversity among groups
  • Complete and accurate information to make informed health care decisions
  • Self-determination and active participation in health care decisions
  • Involvement of a woman’s designated family members, to the extent desired, in all health care experiences

We believe the best model of health care for a woman and her family:

  • Promotes a continuous and compassionate partnership
  • Acknowledges a

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Core Values

Natural Beginnings Birth & Wellness Center Provides holistic individualized gynecological care throughout the life, maternity care, mother-baby wellness education and a family centered, supportive environment for birth.