What our customers say

A healing experience

I had a successful VBAC with Marcia and it was a healing experience from a previously traumatic c-section. Even in the hospital setting I felt like I was at home. She was so encouraging and knowledgeable. She worked with my partner and doula to keep me comfortable and never doubted my ability to birth my 9 lb baby. If you want a VBAC, natural beginnings is THE place to go.

- Kelly M

I had a great experience

The kindness and patience of the midwives and nurse was extremely calming and encouraging.

- Scarlette H

Nothing could have been better, everything was perfect!

From how patient and kind they were with my 2 year old at every visit to how competent, knowledgeable, safe, and comfortable they were!

- Samantha H

Thank you for another amazing birth experience!!

Marcia and the staff really made me feel comfortable. I was able to labor in my own way and they were a wonderful support team.

- Molly B

I had a great experience

The whole staff was wonderful and I had a great experience. All the midwives were very caring and supportive.

- Deborah H

Thank you!

Out of 8 pregnancies, the first 7 all delivering in hospitals, this was by far my best experience in giving birth.

- Lori E.

Very calm environment!

I was able to have the birth experience I have always wanted-I didn't feel scared or ignored for my preferences. No complaints at all!

- Anna QP

Love! Love! Love each of you!

You can't beat the post labor care-very personal, caring, and informative.

- Stacey MH

This is such an awesome place!

Originally when I found out I was pregnant I started going to a traditional medical doctor who honestly just treated me like another customer and wasn't personal at all. After meeting with a resource worker, I was referred to Natural Beginnings as she knew their philosophy of birth aligned more with what I wanted. Once I went for a tour with my husband we knew immediately that this was the place for us despite the fact that we would have to travel from Charlotte to Statesville to receive the care we wanted. That was the best decision we made and with every visit they validated we had made the right choice. At every visit they are so supportive and gave us tons of information about pregnancy, diet, breastfeeding, and delivery amongst other random topics that pertains to this complex experience. My husband and I had planned to do a water birth but due to some unforeseen reasons I had to be induced at the hospital. Even though I was admitted to the hospital, the Natural Beginnings staff still kept a close eye on me and ensured me that everything would be okay throughout my stay. Nicole delivered my baby girl and honored my wish of doing delayed cord clamping which was huge for me. Even after delivery, someone from Natural Beginnings staff checked on me daily including Susie, who helped me breastfeed and she ensured that my daughter was latching properly before I went home. Although my birth didn't go as planned I am absolutely satisfied with the support Natural Beginnings staff gave me and for my future babies, I will without a doubt be using their services. I am so glad I followed my instincts and came to this facility as they are so accommodating and supportive of their patients needs for a natural birthing experience.

- Kayla

Patient Centered Care

The compassion the midwives and nurses show is like nothing I've experienced elsewhere. So happy we were recommended this place!

- Laura S.